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Gaming Guru

Play with the best gamers to improve yourself at your favorite video games.

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Gaming Business School

Get trained in the first business school dedicated to the professions of video gaming.

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Gaming Academy

Practice in optimal conditions to become a professional e-athlete.

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Partnership with
Team Vitality

4 structuring points: Training of future Vitality players / Continuous training of Vitality professional players / Participation of Vitality in the Gaming Academy selection committee  / Fabien Devide godfather of the Gaming Academy.


Antoine Cohet Electronic Arts

Antoine Cohet (Electronic Arts) sponsor of G.B.S

Antoine Cohet is Head of Marketing and Communication France and Benelux at Electronic Arts in Lyon. His message to our students: Why work in the video game industry? What are the qualities of a good marketer in this sector?

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Valerie Dmitrovic directrice générale Gaming Campus

Why project learning?

For G.B.S and G.Academy we chose innovative ways of teaching. The goal is to create the school of the future to train creative students capable of initiative. What are we talking about? What are the benefits for our students?

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