The video games market represents $108.4 billion in 2017 (+ 16%) *.
It is the 1st entertainment sector in the world, in front of music, cinema or sport. Join the Gaming Business School, the first management school 100% specialized in the gaming business. * Source: SuperData report 2017



Antoine Cohet - Parrain de G.B.S

Antoine Cohet
Sponsor of G.B.S

Antoine Cohet is Head of Marketing and Communication France and Benelux at Electronic Arts in Lyon. Passionate about the sector, he has held various positions in marketing. He is a member of our Steering Committee.

4 raisons to join G.B.S


Active and project-based learning


Bachelor and Master with elective specializations


Professional speakers


50+ partner companies

The School

Founded by specialists in higher education and the video game industry, G.B.S aims to train the talents of tomorrow that gaming companies need.

G.B.S was designed hand in hand with companies in the sector to put the employability of its students at the heart of its pedagogical approach.

Objective : a degree for a profession and a job.


G.B.S delivers 2 levels of specialized diplomas, a bachelor degree in 3 years and a master degree in 5 years.

We chose project-based teaching that allows us to learn through the realization of a concrete production. The project can be individual or collective. We use other active methods like challenges, tournaments, simulations, games and this in addition to the transmission of knowledge of the teachers. The challenge is to acquire skills.

The Bachelor in Video-Game and e-sport Management is a 3 year course, accessible after a baccalaureate or in parallel admission. The program is composed of 7 basic and applied teaching units.

  • "Cult": gaming culture: history, evolution, gameplay / Game design / comics and graphics: European, American and Japanese schools / Cinema, series and video games / Photography / Sound design / Sociology, philosophy and video games
  • Business fundamentals: video game economy in France and around the world, digital economy / Marketing and market research / Digital marketing / Strategic marketing / Communication strategy and digital communication / The art of selling and negotiating / Management and financial analysis, business plan / Corporate, labor and contract law / English, LV2 and LV3
  • Tools and techniques: presentation, graphic design, video editing, project management, streaming tools / Collaborative tools / Introduction to programming and web languages / E-business / Gaming website creation and new technologies: virtual reality, augmented reality

  • Personal development and interpersonal skills : become a good speaker / Improve your leadership / Develop self-confidence / Work well in a team / Define your professional project
  • Immersion : conducting a group project dedicated to the gaming business / Visiting companies in the sector / Business meetings
  • Projects & hackatons creation and launch of a game, sale of a game, organization of events around video games, animation of a gaming community, eSport, create and animate a stream etc, see the 3 examples of projects.
  • Internship : Internship at the end of each year.

The Masters in video games and e-sport Management is a 2 year course, accessible after the G.B.S Bachelor's degree or parallel admission. The objective of this second cycle is to prepare you for positions of responsibility.

To meet the challenges and needs of the video game sector and the e-sport sector, we offer 3 different specializations, each taking place over two years:

  • Marketing, communication and digital transformation of video games
  • Entrepreneurship - Project management and video game innovation
  • Management of eSports

For students or young professionals who have a Bac+3 or higher in the areas of game design, web and multimedia, computer and engineering, these courses allow you to acquire a dual skill. Students with a bachelor's degree in commerce, communication or marketing will be able to specialize.

Find out about the two-year program, which includes common courses, specializations and applied lessons. The contents are not exhaustive.

Common assignments

  • Video game value chain
  • Marketing strategy and communication plan
  • Strategy & Financial Analysis of Video Game and eSports Companies
  • Benchmark and competitive intelligence tools
  • Project Management Methodology

  • New models of value creation and distribution
  • Online economic models
  • Serious game, advergame and gamification
  • Communicate fluently in English (LV2 and LV3 to choose from) 

Specialized assignments

  • Marketing, communication and digital transformation of the video game : Digital marketing strategy / Editorial strategies and online content production / Mobile marketing and geolocation / Loyalty strategy, data and CRM / Digital communication and web analytics / Social networks and cross-channel strategy / SEO, SEA / Valuation Strategy and Monetization / Big Data Fundamentals and Data Management Models / Trade and e-trade marketing / Agile Methodologies, Scrum.
  • Entrepreneurship, Project management and video game innovation : Monitoring technological innovations in gaming / Innovation management / Financing innovation / Fundamentals of business creation (business plan, lifting of funds etc.) / Financing a video game / Developing and monitoring budgets / Production department / New business models for digital distribution and new monetization methods / Intellectual property law / contracts and copyright / Management of resources men and fundamentals of social law / Change management.

  • Management of e-sport : Design and creativity of an e-sport event / Partnership strategy / Sponsoring / Business model and eSports management professions / Data analysis and player performance / Players' rights / Monetization of a team e-sport / Ecosystem influence / Master twitch, youtube gaming, doyou, / e-sport and city policy / Merchandising of e-sport.
  • Gaming and e-sport projects : NOur pedagogical approach is mainly that of problem and project-based learning (PBL) which allows skills acquisition, guaranteeing a very good level of employability. All projects that you will lead are offered by companies.
  • Personal development and interpersonal skills : Acquisition of transversal skills / Conflict resolution / Effective and professional communication / Knowing how to work in multidisciplinary teams / Problem solving.
  • Professional immersion : Business meetings, feedback, visits to companies and studios, meetings with national and local institutions / Full time internship at the end of the 4th year: 4 to 6 months

The 5th year is offered alternately (professionalization contract) or in alternating rhythm (internship, fixed-term contract). The pace is 4 days a week in business and 1 day a week at school and 3 weeks of projects at school.


Pedagogy by projects : he whole pedagogy of G.B.S is built around the realization of a concrete production.

This is what we call project-based pedagogy. You will have to work on concrete projects, alone or in groups, being coached by a professional of the sector or a teacher throughout the project.

These projects will be your springboard to find an internship or your first job. 3 examples of projects:

Diffusion d'un stream de jeux video

Create, manage
and develop a Stream

  • Define the editorial line
  • Design your graphic charter
  • Establish the technical infrastructure
  • Streaming
  • Analyze audience statistics
  • Sustain audience goals
évènement esport

an eSport event

  • Choose an event to create on the Campus
  • Build a budget
  • Contact financial, media and logistics partners
  • Create communication media: website / social networks / offline / ...
  • Communicate in B2C and B2B
  • Hold the event
  • Analyze successes and failures
media gaming

Edit a Media
around Gaming

  • Create a blog and twitter
  • Follow the news of the Gaming sector
  • Publish content regularly
  • Analyze audience statistics
  • Sustain audience goals



Karen Faucon

Lo Pinto

G.B.S coordinator

Valérie Dmitrovic

Valérie Dmitrovic

G.B.S Director

Thierry Debarnot

Thierry Debarnot

Gaming Campus


Panel of 12 of our professional speakers

Jean Fox

Jean Fox

Innovation management

Consultant - Créargie
ex. Marketing Manager - Danone
Visiting professor - HEC Paris

Vivien Cauhepe

Vivien Cauhépé

Digital Strategy and Monetization

Live and Monetization Manager - Ubisoft

Veronique Palmier

Véronique Palmier

Financing and financial analysis

CFO (Administrative and Financial Director) in several companies in the video games and software sector

ex. CFO - Arkane Studios

Sonia Findling

Sonia Findling


Singer - Opéra National de Lyon

Serge Rombi

Serge Rombi

Media Training

Journalist - EuroNews

Reporter on international sporting events

Sebastien Branche

Sébastien Branche

Business creation

General Manager - Evercom Studio
Partner and founder - Seedia

Nicolas Besombes

Nicolas Besombes

Ecosystème of esport

Esports & Social Research

Postdoctoral Scholar - Insep

Ph.D - Université Paris Descartes

JB Gabellieri

JB Gabellieri

Data analysis

Ecommerce director - Shopix

Head of Data - digiSchool

Data analyst - Addictiz

Audric Guigon

Audric Guigon

Website creation

CEO - Solution Cloud

R&D Engineer - Adwayds

Web developer - BoxTelecom

Jimmy Fischer

Jimmy Fischer

Virtual reality

Founder - Studio W3G

Franck Weber

Franck Weber

Web Design

Artistic Director - MDA

Graphic Designer - Long.Island

Jesus Miranda

Jesus Miranda


Professor of Sociology and Anthropology - Université Saint-Etienne and ISEG

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Gaming Business School, composed of professionals, brings the experience and knowledge of its members to the service of the school management to constantly adapt its training and development strategy to stay in touch with the recruiters’ needs.

Valérie Dmitrovic

Valérie Dmitrovic

Director General Gaming Campus

Alexandre Malsch

Alexandre Dreyfus


Guillaume Rambourg

Guillaume Rambourg

General Manager France - Riot

Antoine Cohet

Antoine Cohet

Head of Marketing and Communication France and Benelux - EA

Pierre Philippe Lacroix

Pierre-Philippe Lacroix

DGA of the services of the city of Palaiseau

Jean Fox

Jean Fox

Visiting professor - HEC Paris

Vivien Cauhepe

Vivien Cauhépé

Live and Monetization Manager - Ubisoft

Véronique Palmier

Véronique Palmier

CFO - Video games sector


The gaming and digital arts sectors are experiencing strong growth, both in France and internationally. They offer great opportunities for young graduates who are passionate, specialized and highly operational. We guide you in the construction of your professional project at every stage. You can work in a variety of international companies: video game studios, serious games, mobile games, interactive production; companies in the e-sports sector; digital communication agencies; multimedia creation studios; departments of intelligence, innovation or new media of the big television channels or the big software editors and consulting firms in interactive marketing.

Management, project management and innovation

These are the "conductors" of production in various innovative technological fields including the field of video games.

Guarantees the execution of the company's strategy and the smooth running of the projects
Pilots and coordinates activities and teams as part of a project. He guarantees the respect of the balance between costs / quality / deadlines
Takes care of a specific part of the project (for example the production of menus or the production of sounds). He prioritizes tasks, identifies risks and seeks concrete solutions.
Assists the project manager in project management
Takes care of the delivery of the milestones. He often coordinates teams between different studios, sometimes in different countries. He sets up the schedules, good communication tools and controls the deliverables.
Intervenes at the end of production to ensure the delivery of the game on time while maximizing the quality.
Helps development teams throughout production cycles to achieve their goals, through a Stage Gate Process. He advises producers on production methods and anticipates risks. He also provides the link with the first parties (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) for the distribution of the game on their platforms.
He is the opposite of a specialist and embodies the new way of open digital trades and cultivates both its technological skills, creative, marketing and communication. He seeks to invent new solutions and to innovate.
He is the guarantor of all the creative aspects of the game and oversees the creative vision. It is above all a creative role. He is responsible for the vision of the game and the quality of the content (originality, variety, balance). Gateways to this type of post are possible, but you usually have to go through a Game Designer role first. Can be considered as part of a double diploma game design and management.

Marketing, digital marketing and product management

They know the expectations of consumers, anticipate changing uses and adapt to the business generation.

He develops marketing plans (market analysis, determination of targets, action plan, choice of advertising axes, etc.) and implements actions to develop the sale of products
He is responsible for identifying and implementing the strategy for acquiring portfolio applications, based on paid or free methods.
He manages a product as a whole, from its design to the end of its life cycle.
He manages and develops the reputation of one or more products on all the media and in connection with the media strategy of the company.
He is in charge of the management and organization of spaces and advertising campaigns on the Internet. He optimizes the methods of traffic acquisition on the web to generate the maximum traffic and turnover.
Creating a new business model around a game, content and services to maximize the ARM (Acquisition, Retention and Monetization)
He leads the maintenance team of an online game (PC, mobile or console), he creates and manages promotions and special events for each product. According to the companies, the Live Producer is rather considered as belonging to the production department.

and also...

Inbound marketer; study leader; Consumer insight manager; Trade marketing assistant; CRM manager; Digital Marketing Assistant, Customer Support Manager

Communication, editorial, events and public relations

The communication professions have the mission to manage the relations of a company, a brand or a personality... with its various audiences, internally and externally, direct or indirect.

Analyze, drive, unite, build loyalty around the product.
Design and deploy the communication strategy on social networks.
Participates in the development of video content in response to the needs of all Marketing departments (Press Relations, Product and Digital Marketing).
His mission is to promote the notoriety of its company.

and also...

Press Officer; PR digital Manager; Communication Manager ; Event Project Manager; Event manager; Public affairs and lobbying; Digital Communication / E-reputation

Business developpement, e-commerce

These develop and implement a strategy to find new methods of development in a direct or indirect way.

His mission is to develop new methods of development and is in charge of the sale of games to publishers or partners or the sale of services
Sales manager assigned to the management of key accounts, he manages the relationship with major retailers to develop their turnover and profitability.
He works closely with the marketing team to increase sales volumes and annual revenues online.

and also...

Head of development and partnerships, commercial, sales manager, account manager.

New professions related to the field of e-Sport

E-Sport is the competitive practice of video games, a growing sector where new jobs are created and others adapted to them.

Right arm of the gamer, he can be attached to a structure that includes several players. Among his missions, he organizes the movement of the events, the communication, the planning, the search for tournaments, the mental preparation of the player.
Transmits information on e-journals, news websites or blogs dedicated to e-sport.
Broadcast live content or replay video games and e-sports that it monetizes thanks to its audience.
His role involves the broadcasting of tournaments and gaming programs on video platforms (YouTube, Twitch) or on social networks (Facebook, Twitter). At major events, such as Paris Games Week, he is the conductor of the video broadcasts.

And also...

Commercial e-sports, e-Sport Community Manager, e-Sport Analyst.

Supply Chain

For the production of all physical products = retail games, goodies, merchandising
He coordinates the operations related to orders and inventory management

Support for research internships and professional projects

Our Carrer Center will concretely accompany you during intensive work sessions throughout your course at the G.B.S: CV and cover letter / creation of your online identity / search strategy for internship and response to offers / preparation for interviews.

Partner companies

Our partner companies offer us exclusive internships throughout the year. You will have a preview of their offers. They will come to you on campus during corporate masterclasses.


You can integrate G.B.S. in 1st year (after your baccalaureate) or in parallel admission in 3rd year (after a bac + 2) or 4th year (after a bac + 3).

Admission in 1st year


You are currently in high school and you want to join our school. All general and technological bachelor's degrees are accepted. NB: Parcoursup is the new admission procedure for higher education. It replaces the old procedure APB (Admission Post Bac). You can freely apply to G.B.S.

Selection procedure

You are selected on application and interview. Your motivation is decisive. You must carefully fill out the application form.

You will then be contacted by our Admissions Officer to set an interview date. The result of the admission jury will be communicated to you by e-mail within 1 week.

Depending on the quality of your application, you will be in one of the following cases:

  • not admitted
  • waiting list
  • admitted

From October, you can apply for the non re-entry places in January.

Constitution of your application

  • your completed application
  • cover letter
  • double-sided photocopy of your identity card
  • photocopy of passport for foreign students outside the EU
  • school reports from the last two years
  • payment of 50 euros for processing fees
  • copy of your diplomas

Admissions in 3rd and 4th year


For integration in year 3: you have validated or will validate a Bac +2 (DUT, BTS, title level III, 2 years validated at the university or university) in the following areas: video games, management, commerce, communication, web and multimedia, informatics, design, engineering, etc.) For integration in year 4: Bac + 3 (3 years validated or in progress at the university, in higher school) in the same areas as before. Depending on the quality of the motivation of the students it is possible that we accept profiles of other specialties. You do not need to go through ParcoursSup.

Selection procedure

The selection of the candidates in the bachelor or master cycle is done on application, (verification of prerequisites, skills and professional project) and maintenance. Part of the interview can be conducted in English

You must carefully fill out the application form.

You will then be contacted by our Admissions Officer to set a maintenance date. The result of the admission jury will be communicated to you by e-mail within 1 week.

Depending on the quality of your application, you will be in one of the following cases:

  • not admitted
  • waiting list
  • admitted

Constitution of your application

  • your completed application
  • a CV
  • cover letter
  • any document that you consider necessary to communicate to us in order to better evaluate your application: internship reports, evaluation of your professors, letter of appreciation from your professional relations or employers
  • possible projects, productions, technical achievements if you have them
  • double-sided photocopy of your identity card
  • photocopy of your passport for foreign students outside the EU
  • school reports from the last two years
  • payment of 50 euros for processing fees
  • copy of your diplomas


To finance your studies, several solutions are available to you:

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees are €7 800 per year for the 1st year and for the 3rd year of the Bachelor and €8 500 for the 4th year of the Master for the 2018 - 2019 school year. The payment is done at once or can be spread in 3 instalments. Payment in 10 instalments is possible on request. Stopping studies for force majeure (serious and disabling illness, accident, death of a loved one) puts an end to the instalments.

Pre-registration 650 €
Single payment Bachelor 7 150 €
Bank debit in 3 instalments 3 x 2 500 €
Single payment Masters 7 850 €
Bank debit in 3 instalments 3 x 2 700 €

Student loan concessional

We have negotiated special conditions with LCL for your student loan.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Campus activity

Small jobs to develop the campus are sometimes offered. Also the pedagogical team gathers for you and spreads the small jobs around the campus.


Every year you do an internship in a company. This internship will be paid by the company. The pedagogical team helps you find an internship and negotiate your remuneration.

Video games coach

You have easy access to the Gaming Guru platform to be paid to coach video game players.

Learn more >

Partner grant

We attach great importance to the diversity of students in the G.B.S. That's why we have established sponsorship partnerships with video game companies to help scholarship students fund tuition fees.

Grants from the city

Find out in your municipality of residence or that of your parents to know if you are a beneficiary of the Minimum Student Income (RME). Not all cities offer RMEs. The RME is issued by the CCAS (Center communal d'action sociale).

Grants from the department

For the scholarship students, the general councils propose annual scholarships or loans of honor.

Search for accommodation

We help you find your home with our network of housing partners. We have established close relationships with student residences near the campus.

A question?

For any questions or requests for information, we thank you to contact us by phone, by email or by filling the form opposite.

You can also directly pre-register, download documentation or register for an information meeting.

Email :

Phone : +334 28 29 81 03


Pre-register now. We will send you your application and then our admissions officer will contact you.


Meet us at free information meetings. Discover the school and campus from the inside. Come ask your questions to the management team, stakeholders and partner companies.

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