Your daughter / son wants to register at Gaming Business School or Gaming Academy. You will find a number of answers to your questions here. We invite you to contact us for any additional questions.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in G.B.S and G.Academy?

We study your child's educational background and other evidence of his motivation and strong interest in the sector. Then, it is our responsibility, if it is accepted, to train him with the utmost skill and confidence to develop his motivation and employability. Conditions of admissions to G.B.S / Conditions of admission to G.Academy..

What training does the Gaming Business School offer?

The Gaming Business School is a post-baccalaureate management school in 3 or 5 years (Bachelor or Master) that trains in video games and eSports and more generally in interactive digital media.

In which year can the Gaming Business School be enrolled in?

- In first year (with a general or technological BAC (series S, L, ES, STI2D, STD2A, STMG, etc.) but also with a BAC + 1 for a reorientation and a return in January.

- In 2nd year (subject to validation of a 1st year of higher studies)

- In the 3rd year (after a DUT, BTS, a 2nd year validated in higher education)

- In the 4th year after a bachelor's degree or a 3rd year validated in a higher education institution.

We invite you to read the admission procedure.

What are the opportunities of the Gaming Business School?

Job opportunities are varied and also depend on your child's profile. The gaming and digital arts sectors are experiencing strong growth, both in France and internationally. They offer great opportunities for young graduates who are passionate, specialized and highly operational.

We can group trades into large families, meeting the aspirations of each. We guide your child in the construction of his professional project at every step: management, project management and innovation, marketing and digital marketing, communication and editorial, events, public relations and influence, commercial development and e-commerce, supply chain, e-sports professions, not to mention the creation of a company (More information: Repository of Video Game Professions of the National Syndicate of the Video Game)

Your child can work in a variety of international companies: video game studios, serious games, mobile games, interactive production; companies in the e-sports sector; digital communication agencies; multimedia creation studios; departments of intelligence, innovation or new media of major television channels or major software publishers and interactive marketing consultancy firms.

Being trained in our school in these high-tech professions, with a complete business, technical and creative vision, also allows students to aspire to careers in other industry sectors.

Not being able to know all the evolution of the professions today, our pedagogy aims to develop autonomy, the capacity to learn to learn as well as the "soft skills" which are the relational skills expected by companies.

What is immersion in first year?

During the month of October, our students will dive into the professional world of video games, serious games and more generally digital arts.

Programme :

  • testimonials
  • feedback
  • company visits
  • business conferences to discover the various professions available to them.

We will present our method of coaching and coaching:

  • Internship
  • construction of their professional project
  • acquisition of skills of well-being and know-how

It will also be an opportunity to explain and learn about teamwork (project-based pedagogy).

What training does the Gaming Academy offer?

We offer an intensive program of sports performance combined with bachelor level studies (delivered in 5 years instead of 3). The sports and educational program is ideal for 5 years in order to obtain the Bachelor's degree of G.B.S but it is also accessible for a shorter period thanks to G.B.S.

In which year can the Gaming Academy be enrolled in?

In 1st year. To be able to offer a very good quality of training, we limit the number of registrants to 10 places for the next school year 2018-2019. Consult the admission procedure.

What are the opportunities of the Gaming Academy?

DBecome a high level athlete but we also offer training to reconversion in the video game business. Check the careers here.

How are the projects organized (workshops or sprint *)?

There are different types of projects that can span several days, weeks, and / or months. Each project is carried out collectively by group of students who are followed and accompanied by experts.

We use APP, approach by problem and by projects developed in particular by the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain). This approach allows the development of skills.

The vast majority of projects are carried out in partnership with our partner companies, 3 project examples.

* Workshop or sprint : workshop bringing together a group of students for a specific period to reflect on a given topic or to achieve a common project being coached by one or more experts, professional speaker or teacher depending on the nature of the project.

Who are the teachers of the school ?

Our goal is to develop the employability of our students. Our teachers are mostly high-level professionals, active, recognized by their peers. They constantly update the learning content to follow the evolution of the market. They are also involved throughout the course by their presence at the juries, the animation of workshops or sprints, masterclasses, conferences or business meetings.

Some subjects, on the other hand, need to have professors who have a high conceptual level, which has always maintained a strong link with applied research (for example in sociology, economics, etc.).

Discover 12 of our professional speakers.

In any case, we train them in active and project-based pedagogy so that they can:

  • play their full role as an expert and coach by encouraging and motivating
  • create practical applications in different professional contexts for our students to acquire knowledge and skills

Are some courses taught in English?

Yes, but in a progressive way because the video game industry and, more broadly, the innovative technological projects require mastery of the English language and knowledge of an international environment.

That's why one of our priorities is that your child is fluent in English (we will improve it by adapting to his / her starting level). Our English teachers are all native English speakers. A language can not be learned but is practiced: this is why the spoken word is the pillar of our teaching. Indeed, 2/3 of the time are dedicated to listening and oral practice, the rest devoted to grammatical theory.

We work in the same way for other foreign languages and prefer conversation with natives.

What are the re-entry dates?

In early October 2018, precise dates and times will be announced in June 2018.

A question ?

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