Team Vitality and Gaming Campus are partnering to train e-athletes, a world first.

Published on 24/04/18

The promising players from Team Vitality will be trained for a year within the «Gaming Academy», the esport-study program of «Gaming Campus».

Pro players from Team Vitality will follow modules about e-athletes communication on social media and prepare their professional retraining thanks to the «Gaming Academy» program.

Team Vitality will actively participate in the selection and the follow up on the students of the « Gaming Academy » which will be sponsored by Fabien Devide.

Paris, April 24th, 2018 - The esport market will be worth $1B in 2021, helped by its growing community of professional players. The audience of esports competitions has tripled in two years**, creating vocations among the young players. The training of e-athletes becomes a major educational stake in order to create a framework for the sector and the training of young players as well as facilitating the transition of professional players to other jobs in esports.

Designed by professionals in the video games and education sector, Gaming Campus is a unique venue in Europe designed to train the talents of the gaming industry, to nurture the future stars of e-sports and to develop passion from the general public. The campus is located in the heart of Lyon.

A continuous training for the Team Vitality athletes

Just like in other sports, esports athletes from Team Vitality will be trained all along their career to improve their in-game performances and abilities to communicate and give a good image for themselves on social media as well as preparing for when their pro player career will end. To get there, they will follow the « Gaming Academy » specialized training program, the first esport study program in Europe, created by « Gaming Campus » due to open in october 2018 in Lyon. This training mixes esports performance and a courses program equivalent to Bachelor.

Athletes will attend the following Gaming Academy’s learning capsules :

● Media training with Serge Rombi, presenter and journalist for Euronews;

● Monetization of video games with Vivien Cauhépé, in charge of monetization at Ubisoft;

● Public speaking with Sonia Findling, coach and former singer at the National Opera of Lyon;

● Data analysis adapted to video games with Jean-Baptiste Gabellieri, expert data ecommerce and media;

● Business creation with Sébastien Branche, partner and founder of the Seedia investment fund;

● Business development with Théophile Monier, former managing director Eclypsia and Webedia customer manager;

● Immersion in virtual reality with Jimmy Fischer, founder of the W3G studio;

● English and French adapted to video games;

More information about Gaming Academy courses.

Never has a professional esport team invested in the educational support of its players and in a process of continuous training.

"Like any high-level sport, some careers are successful and others less so. As a professional sports practice, esport is no exception to the rule. It is therefore essential to offer athletes a pedagogical framework to improve their daily performance and allow them to bounce back to pursue the practice of their passion in other professional settings. Team Vitality is proud to be a forerunner in this field and delighted to be associated with the Gaming Academy, which shares the same vision" says Fabien Devide, President of the Vitality Team and coach of the French Football Federation’s esport team.

The first esport-study with a sport and educational selection committee

The goal of the esport study "Gaming Academy" is to bring out professional players while giving them solid educational bases. The Gaming Academy issues two certificates: top-level athlete and video game entrepreneur. In the event of failure in the competitive esport, the training provided allows the students to reorient themselves in the trades of the communication, the marketing, the sales, the logistics or the media applied to the sector of video games or more largely new technologies.

To maximize the employability of Gaming Academy students, Team Vitality's sports director will participate in the selection committee. The 10 students selected for the start of October 2018 will be chosen as much for their performance as for their academic abilities. The Gaming Academy selection committee will soon be completed by other major sports teams.

Team Vitality: the leading esport team in France

Created in 2013, Team Vitality brings together the best French and international athletes (54) on many video games. Champion of Europe and France on many licenses, the team also has some World Champions titles to its credit. Team Vitality has 1.1M followers on Twitter and 2.1M subscribers on Youtube (team and cumulative players).

The 2018-2019 promotion of the "Gaming Academy" will be sponsored by Fabien Devide.

Vitality website.

Opening of registrations for the Gaming Academy today. 20 places.

The Gaming Academy is back in October 2018. Starting today, all registrations are open. For this season the number of places is limited to 10 places in high-level athlete certification and 10 places for influencer entrepreneur certification. Information and registration:

About Team Vitality

Team Vitality is a French esport club created by Fabien Devide (Neo), Corentin Houssein (Gotaga), Kevin Georges (Broken) and Nicolas Maurer. Making its debut on the Call of Duty scene in 2013, Team Vitality then expanded to the FIFA scene in 2014 and League of Legends in 2015, where it played in the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) in 2016. Team Vitality is the leading esport team in France and one of the largest in Europe.

About Gaming Campus

Gaming Campus is the first student campus in Europe exclusively dedicated to the esport industry. This group is home to the Gaming Business School, the Gaming Academy esport-study and the Gaming Guru online coaching platform. Located in Lyon, Gaming Campus opens its doors in October 2018 and its mission is to train the talents of tomorrow, hatch the future professional video game players and allow the general public to play better. Gaming Campus is co-founded by Valérie Dmitrovic, former national director of ISEG Marketing & Communication School and Thierry Debarnot, co-founder of digiSchool.

* SuperData report 2018
** Audience of the Worlds of the video game League of Legends, the 1st world sports competition - Source Riot


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